Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Delicious: Spicy Vegetable Samosas at Aladdin Food Mart

Sometimes the gateway to an exotic treat can be something as common as a freezer door.

I posted once before about 10 no-cook purchases at the H Mart, but you can buy snacks, breads, cheeses and more at small markets on your way home.  Some of the best are in the freezer case like the Indian breads at Apna Bazar or the Salvadoran pupusas at Lily's Mexican Market.

At the Aladdin Food Mart in downtown Laurel, check the freezer for the Shahia-brand samosas if you want to sample spectacular finger food.  These aren't Indian samosas with the thick crust.  They're smaller triangles with a thinner, flakier crust.  The fillings are full of flavor.  They taste fresh with whole peas amid other mashed vegetables and with none of the oil that plagues cheap frozen food.  They're an easy snack or dinner.  They're refined enough to serve at a party, although they're not cheap enough to serve a crowd.

Believe the box.  The spicy samosas are spicy.  They're my favorites, but they're also the snack that sends Mrs. HowChow to the kitchen for a glass of water. 

The Shahia box recommends that you deep fry the samosas.  I defrost them slightly in the microwave, then panfry them in a skillet until they brown.  You get about two dozen in a box, so I generally eat some and keep the others frozen in a Ziploc bag.

Aladdin is a nice shop on Main Street in Laurel.  The owner recently renovated, and he still offers a hefty selection of breads, cheeses, canned goods, and spices.  It isn't as large as Sizar's, but at least it hasn't moved all the way to Elkridge!

If you're exploring in Laurel, Aladdin is across the street from the Laurel Meat Market and a few blocks from the Apna Bazar on U.S. 1.  If you want Indian samosas, they're often for sale at the counter at Desi Market in Columbia.

Aladdin Food Mart
308 Main Street
Laurel, MD 20707

NEAR: Downtown Laurel off U.S. 1. You can take U.S. 1 south or take Rte 216 East from I-95, then turn left at the light on Main Street.


Anonymous said...

If you are in the mood for samosas, the best that i have tasted are the tandoori chicken samosas that are made by a company called Deep. It's available at My Organic market. These are healthier than the typical samosas since they can be baked in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 min. Definitely worth a try once :)

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's sells excellent frozen Veggie Somosas. The box contains a metal insert so that the somosas come out crispy from the microwave.