Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Hamburgers -- Still Waiting For Fatburger

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Victoria Gastropub appears to be handily surviving its mixed review from the WPost. There was a 90-minute wait on Saturday evening when Mrs. HowChow and I arrived craving some burgers and fries.

We should have waited for something to open in Victoria's bar. The Victoria burgers were spectacular in our prior visits (and come with biscuits!), and there was one table where the women seemed to be finishing up their beers. But we didn't want to skulk around their table, and we figured that we could get good burgers at Eggspectations just across Rte 108.

We should have waited for something to open in Victoria's bar. Eggspectactions still has the loud, friendly feeling that we loved when we lived nearby. But the burgers don't taste the same. I remember flavorful patties that felt like someone had made them by hand. This weekend, they were thin and tasted right off a food service delivery truck. Still a good pickle. Still fine fries and a great place for breakfast. But Mrs. HowChow voiced her burger disappointment before I even said anything, and I think an $11 hamburger shouldn't be anonymous.

On the way, we checked out the Fatburger in Columbia under construction near the Trader Joe's. It looks just like it did a month ago when I figured that it looked ready to open. The tables and chairs are there, but the window is still full of construction permits. We're waiting!!!

(Update: Paul reports in the comments that someone told him on October 8 that Fatburger was two weeks away! I went past on October 19, and the place still wasn't open. I called The Perfect Pour on October 27 because it is a few doors down, and they said it was still not open.)

Where are the best hamburgers in Howard County now that Eggspectations has fallen off our list? We'll return to Victoria's, but we need options.

(Update: First vote in the comments -- Famous Dave's. More votes for Red Robin and Five Guys. If you want to read about Five Guys in Laurel, check out the Technology & MSG blog.)

Victoria Gastro Pub
8201 Snowden River Parkway
Columbia, MD 21045

6010 University Boulevard
Ellicott City, MD

NEAR: They're both on Rte 108 near Snowden River Parkway. Victoria is at the intersection. Eggspectation is one intersection to the east -- on the way towards Rte 175. They're both super-convenient off Rte 100 if you take the Snowdon River Exit.


Anonymous said...

My husband I love the burgers at Famous Dave's. Sometimes people overlook the burgers at a BBQ joint. All burgers are less than $10. The spicy pickles served alongside are very good!

DAS said...

I might add Red Robin to the list of contenders. I like Cheeburger Cheeburger more for the drinks and the atmosphere than the burgers. I used to like the burgers at The Pub in Wilde Lake, and was sorry to see it go.

DAS said...

Oh, and I meant to add that I drive by Fatburger once a week just to check, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I leave Howard County entirely for hamburgers -- to the Five Guys on Security Blvd.

Paul! said...

I was just going to email you about Fatburger, but since there's this post, I'll write it here!

I too have been impatiently waiting for Fatburger to open its doors, dutifully passing by every few days after work, and being disappointed every time.
Until today!

I got out of work early, and passing by, there was some action inside! There was some sort of meeting going on, so I really couldn't ask all of the questions that I wanted, but I poked my head in and asked when the grand opening was. The answer was about two weeks!

Hooray, and hoping it's for real!

Anonymous said...

I wait for those times of the year when I head out to California so I can sink my teeth into a burger from In and Out Burger..hands down the best burger around! I keep wishing the burger gods will see fit to find a way to get them out on the east coast!!
-West Coaster living on the East Coast..

HowChow said...

Thanks for all the comments. If anyone sees that Fatburger opened, please do post here!

HowChow said...

Frank --

There is a Five Guys in Laurel just over the HoCo line. Might be farther from up north, but it is easy to reach from I-95 and Rte 216!

Anonymous said...

I went to college in Los Angeles and Fatburger was one of the dining options nearby.

I don't think it'll satisfy most people. At times I enjoyed it but they tended to pepper the hell out of the meal. They do some unique stuff like you can get a fried egg on the burger, but I don't know, I'll have to retry but I got sick of them pretty quick and it wasn't like there were many better options and still didn't prefer them.

Anonymous said...

When I drove by today, the permits were out of the window, replaced with a hand-written sign about deliveries. If they're taking delivery (I assume food), then it can't be too long now.