Thursday, October 30, 2008

Link: Hedgehog Report on Second Chance Saloon

I may get elbowed off this blog soon. I had a little "food in HoCo" niche, but everyone seems to be crowding that market.

The politically-minded Hedgehog Report has Dave digging up news that people are remodeling the former Last Chance Saloon / Fire Rock Grille in Columbia. They apparently hope to re-open as "Second Chance Saloon. " Excellent news.

That followed Tale of Two Cities posting this morning about a new wine bar in an old firehouse. If everyone jumps into food, I'm going to need Jesse X advice to re-brand myself! (Wink! Wink!)


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get "elbowed off"! I've really enjoyed reading your entries over the past few months since I discovered the site-- please don't go anywhere!

HowChow said...

Thanks. I'm glad that it is fun.

wordbones said...

I could never hope to match your efforts here, so please pardon my elbow.


Anonymous said...

Just like making a pot of soup, the more ingredients, the more delicious the soup. So more blogs and perspectives on local restaurants has got to be good news.

But if you need branding advice, how about becoming How Chow, Brown Cow? Blue Cow is out of biz, so I can't imagine you'd be stepping on any toes. ;-)