Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shocked! Shocked!

I am shocked! shocked! to hear that the Washington Post finds none of its best food in Howard County.

The Washington Post unveiled a revamped "Going Out Guide" to restaurants, bars and clubs -- including an iPhone application to let you search from the road. The WPost now offers a series of "best" lists like "best pizza," "best view," "best romantic restaurant." A quick scan finds nothing from the Greater Columbia Metroplex. Has Tom Sietsema never been to House of India? I can get a whole tandoori rockfish and see my car at the same time. What better view could he want?

In all fairness, Sietsema remains a great read (and picked almost no "best" places outside DC, Arlington and Bethesda). I rely on Sietsema and the WPost guide when I'm looking down south. Lord knows you can't trust a blogger.

In all seriousness, you can't yet use the Going Out Guide north of, say, Silver Spring. The editors name only one HoCo restaurant worthy of their "pick" -- and then they list Great Sage under Montgomery County. Whoops. We may not be worthy of a Sietsema rave, but these editors "picked" an Austin Grill in Centerville. I'm sure they'll be tootling up Rte 29 soon to try out Sushi King, Bonaparte Bread, Iron Bridge Wine Company, Mango Grove, Maiwand Kabob, or Shin Chon Garden. If they hung around, they might eventually recommend An Loi, La Boulangarie or Sushi Sono. Or JW Trueth and Sons. Or Bangkok Delight. Or . . . . (sigh)

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Anonymous said...

Now if the Baltimore Sun were a bit more agile they'd be all over creating those kinds of features in its food section and website, plus ones for each general area such as Baltimore City, Howard County, Annapolis/Eastern Shore, etc.

Until then I'm sticking with HowChow :)

It looks like they've sort of gotten away with linking to Baltimore Metromix instead but that's a bit younger and less foodie/more clubby.