Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Hot. Get Ice at KyKy's Hawaiian Ice

It's hot.  Get ice.  There is nothing simpler than KyKy's Hawaiian Ice -- a stand in a parking lot near the new Costco and Lowe's off Rte 108.

There is nothing inside but an ice-shaving machine, a teenager, and dozens of jugs of flavorings.  A few dozen flavors to be squirted into your cup of shaved ice.  Day-glo, unnatural colors.  My lemon-lime tasted less of citrus and more like the flavor company was trying to approximate Slice.

But it was cold, and, like Soft Serve in Ellicott City or Rita's in Columbia, the fun is in sitting outside with a treat.  Plus, the electric green color made me laugh as I puttered to my errands at Lowe's.  They're open 11-9.

KyKy's Hawaiian Ice
Lark Brown shopping center
6590 Old Waterloo Road
Elkridge, MD 21075

NEAR:  This is over a hill from the new Costco near the insection of Rte 108 and Rte 175.  From Rte 108, turn east towards the Costco at the intersection with Lark Brown Road.  (Lark Brown only goes one way.)  The shopping center is two blocks up on the left.


Anonymous said...

There is another location at the intersection of Route 103 and Route 104 in the High's Shopping Center.

Leasol said...

they also have soft serve ice cream