Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Catch Seafood Market: Fish in Columbia

Let Today's Catch make you believe again in scallops!

Mrs. HowChow loves the sweet bivalves, but I have bought too many supermarket treats that I tasted flat. Nothing special about them except the exorbitant price.

The Today's Catch Seafood Market in Columbia made me believe again. The clerk told me that they don't always have the bay and sea scallops, but when they do, they're "dry" scallops - which means that they're just scallop. Never been treated. Never been injected with saline solution or however else the wholesalers extend their profits. Today's Catch's scallops were beautiful, a half-pound of sweet, firm flesh sauteed in nothing but butter and the juice of a lime.

Today's Catch has a minimal feel. Fish on ice, fillets in coolers. There is a small freezer and a display of spices, but mostly, it is a few clerks, a few fish and you. The smell is right,

more sea water than fish. The selection runs from mild tilapia and cod to sushi-grade tuna and strong-flavored mackerel. The clerk talked up wild salmon, whose season runs through August. Call ahead to see if Today's Catch has any in stock because supplies have been low. And ask questions. I asked what the clerk recommended for fish tacos and ended up with a mix of tuna, swordfish and other chunks, the left-overs from their fillets that made an exotic array for $10/pound.

Today's Catch Seafood Market
10451 Twin Rivers Road
Columbia, MD 21044

NEAR: It's inside the Wilde Lake Village shopping center. The center is in central Columbia near the mall. It's the shopping center with a Bagel Bin, the Melting Point restaurant and David's Natural Market (and a KFC).


momomom said...

The staff/clerks/?owners? are great for recommendations. I prefer to come in with only a rough idea of what I want and leave with their recommendation.

Anonymous said...

In case people googling run across this article, this place rocks. Quality is noticeably better than anything frozen you buy.