Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Delicious: Pumpkin at Maiwand Kabob

The appetizers convert Maiwand Kabob from a nice grill shop into a restaurant worth making a pilgrimage.

The samosas are top notch -- an order of six fried pastries filled with potatoes, peas and spices. The bowlawni is an Afghan speciality -- twin pastry shells with different fillings.

But the pumpkin is a dish that I would expect on a white-table cloth rather than in a Columbia shopping center where everything comes on disposable plates. Bright orange pumpkin, firm but tender enough to cut with a (high-quality) plastic spoon. It is sweet enough that it might be pie filing if you closed your eyes. But then, Maiwand Kabob dresses the pumpkin with some yogurt whose tart flavor marries with the sweet vegetable and with a spoonful of ground beef that adds a deeper, slightly spiced flavor.

Between the bread and the pumpkin, every trip to Maiwand Kabob is wonderful. The moistly-grilled meat and the rotating Afghan specialties makes this one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

(Update: A new Maiwand Kabob opened in 2009 near Arundel Mills Mall and the BW Parkway. There is also a branch in Burtonsville just off Rte 198.)

Maiwand Kabob
Harpers Choice Village Center
5467 Harpers Farm Road
Columbia, MD 21044

NEAR: This is in central Columbia, west of the Columbia Mall. Harpers Choice is between Rte 108 and Cedar Lane / Little Patuxent Parkway. From the south, Cedar Lane connects Rte 32 to Harpers Choice. From Rte 29, Broken Lane runs into Little Patuxent, which runs into Harpers Choice Road. To spot the shopping center, look for a McDonalds up against Harpers Choice Road.

Maiwand Kabob on Urbanspoon

Maiwand Kabob
Arundel Mills Preserve shopping center
7698 Dorchester Boulevard
Hanover, MD 21076

NEAR: Take the Arundel Mills exit from the BW Parkway. That road only goes east. The Arundel Mills Preserve shopping center is on the left almost immediately. There is a Starbucks in that shopping center.


Anonymous said...

OMG I went after reading your review.. this beats any resturant! the food is fresh and good! The resturant is small and a carry out but the food is so upscale..even though it is small I kind of like the place it has this cozy feeling like its "the spot" to get good food from!

Thanks for the post!

Clayton Koonce said...

I've been a regular at Maiwand in Columbia for a few years, but I hadn't been in a while during 2008. Posting this in Jan 2009: I went in yesterday, and they've redecorated again! The place seems a little cozier. One thing I never liked was the TV, which was always too loud. It's still there but seems less obtrusive. In this remodeling, they removed the false ceiling, which may have been boxing in the sound of the TV. The food is still as great as ever before, the Tandoori flatbread being a main attraction for me.

Doug S said...

I just went to Maiwand Kabob last night. On a whim, I bought the pumpkin appetizer - I had no idea what to expect, but I was extremely happy with it.

As Clayton said below, the remodel looks great. It's much cozier and more "restaraunt" looking.

Very nice - top notch.

Soo said...

Travel to the South alot and have never found kabobs as good as Maiwand or bread as fresh and light. Love their remodeling and the girl who is normally up front is a sweetheart! She remembers my son's "regular" and that I like double salad instead of rice. LOL Great local find and one I would have to recommend to a show like Diners/DriveIns/Dives (tho not a dive at ALL!)