Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Restaurants of Howard County

(Update: This listing is REALLY behind my total reviews. I have reviewed many restaurants since I last updated this. I am planning to re-do this list and the "best of" post. For now, you definitely check out the "cuisine" and restaurant name links in the right column.)

Want to find a restaurant in Howard County? Look below for a map and then "by-category" lists of most of the restaurants mentioned in HowChow. I update gradually, and I'm keeping a working list of my favorites. Also, check out this listing of ethnic and organic markets.

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Maiwand Kabob in Columbia -- superb, best meal "dollar for dollar," especially the appetizers

Iron Bridge Wine Company --one of the best restaurants in Howard County
Five Guys Burgers -- coming in 2009 to the Columbia Mall
Second Chance Saloon in Columbia -- recommended by people in the comments
T-Bonz Grille & Pub in Ellicott City -- great place for football and food
Trapeze in Fulton -- closed
Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia -- recommended, especially the biscuits and burgers

Bagel Bin in Columbia -- recommended
Eggspectation in Columbia -- recommended

Jordan's Steakhouse in Ellicott City -- recommended
Kloby's Smokehouse in Laurel (really Columbia/Fulton) -- recommended
oZ Chophouse in Fulton -- recommended, especially fun for a "progressive dinner" in Maple Lawn
Pioneer Pit Beef in Woodlawn -- spectacular pit beef, sold from a tiny shack on Rolling Road
Smokey & Uncle Grube's in Elkridge -- super-casual BBQ and pit beef just off Rte 1
Carnivores should also check out the kabobs at Maiwand Kabob and Parsa Kabob

Fortune Buffet in Jessup -- an adventurous buffet with good food and an amazing array
Hunan Legend in Columbia
Hunan Manor in Columbia
Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro-- recommended for a classy dinner of Chinese and more

Mad City Coffee in Columbia -- recommended for coffee, breakfast and house-roasted beans to take home
Orinoco Coffee House in Columbia -- recommended

Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville -- superb and worth driving for traditional Cuban

Bonaparte Bread in Savage -- French pastries like opera cake, sandwiches, coffee, the best bread in Howard County
Fractured Prune in Columbia and Ellicott City -- hot donuts with creative glazes, also breakfast (donut w/sausage)
La Boulangarie Bakery in Ellicott City -- a Korean bakery with sweets, cakes and bubble tea
Old Mill Bakery Cafe in Ellicott City -- coffee shop/bakery

Coffee Oromia in Burtonsville -- recommended, although for a simple meal more than an "out to dinner" night

Tersiguel's in Ellicott City -- recommended by others, on my list of places to try

Ice Cream/Snowcones
KyKy's Hawiian Ice in Elkridge -- recommended
Rita's in Columbia -- recommended, especially after a dinner at Maiwand Kabob
Snowballs in Clarksville -- recommended
Soft Stuff in Ellicott City -- recommended

Akbar -- recommended for northern Indian food
House of India -- recommended for northern Indian food, especially for the classy decor and interesting menu
Mango Grove -- superb for southern Indian food, especially the naan, the masala dosa, and the samosa chat
Mirchi Wok -- superb unusual Indian food, including northern and fusion Chinese-Indian

Luna Bella Ristorante in Columbia -- recommended
New York JP Pizza -- recommended
Pazani Trattoria in Elkridge -- my new best pizza in Howard County
Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico in Columbia -- recommended

Maruha Japanese Steakhouse -- new hibachi and sushi joint in Hickory Ridge, haven't been yet
Sushi King in Columbia -- superb
Sushi Sono in Columbia -- superb

Golden Krust in Catonsville -- recommended for takeout patties

Besoto Food Court in Catonsville -- recommended
Mirocjo in Ellicott City -- recommended
Shin Chon Garden -- recommended (and reopened after renovations in 2008)
Yetnal Asian Food Service House -- looks great, but still a mystery to me because it's a takeout with a menu in Korean

El Azteca in Clarksville -- recommended
El Nayar in Elkridge -- recommended for very casual meals
La Palapa Too in Laurel (really Columbia/Fulton) -- recommended, especially for the weekend ceviche
Lily's Mexican Market in Columbia -- recommended for takeout tacos and chicken
Pupuseria Lorenita's (the "Taco Truck") in Elkridge -- superb tacos, super-inexpensive
Pupuseria Y Taqueria Las Delicias in Elkridge -- a taco truck that grills ribs and fajitas
Pupuseria Y Taqueria Los Pinos in Laurel -- recommended

Ceazar Restaurant in Elkridge -- highly recommended for a casual and accessible meal, but unique options
Parsa Kabob in Elkridge -- recommended, also check out Maiwand Kabob in Columbia

Trapeze in Fulton -- closed

Tapas / Small Plates
Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia -- recommended
Ranazul in Fulton -- recommended, especially for sopapias or a "progressive dinner" in Maple Lawn

Bangkok Delight -- superb
Bangkok Garden -- recommended
Thai Aroma -- recommended

An Loi Pho -- superb, especially the "French" coffee with condensed milk and the salted plum/salted lemon sodas
Pho Dat Trahn -- recommended


Unknown said...

I am new to the area and looking for a great Soul Food place. Any suggestions?

HowChow said...

Christy -- I don't really know, but I would love to post the question. Sometimes people comment back with great suggestions. Give me two sentences about what you're looking for in a great soul food place -- favorite dishes, etc. I'll post the question.

Jay said...

Christy- Chik'n'Friends in the Long Reach village center. It's carry out, but its as close as I could find.

Unknown said...

Also maybe check out Red Snappaz Jamaican (301) 776-1177 in Laurel (in the shopping center w/ Giant Food and Marshalls...

radha said...

Anyone with a good Dim Sum recommendation in the area? Pretty please?

HowChow said...

Radha -- Asian Court on Rte 40 in Ellicott City is on my list of places to try. People say the dim sum is good. I did write about Oriental East in Silver Spring, which is worth the drive if you want a dim sum experience.