Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Guide to Howard County Restaurants and Food

Without much planning, HowChow has become a de facto guide to restaurants and food in Howard County. For me, this is an inspiration to check out new places. Much of what I learned has been mentioned before in reviews or blogs or Chowhound, but this is centralized enough that some people stumble on the site and click around to read more.

For several months in 2009, I'm writing a series of thematic posts about "What I Learned," linking back to prior profiles and trying to summarize little things that I have learned. Where is great Chinese food? Where can you find Mexican groceries? The best take-out tacos? The best bread? This builds on the Best Restaurants in Howard County post, which people seem to enjoy.

Help me! Occassionally, I'm asking for advice on the upcoming subjects. I'll even update existing posts to incorporate good advice. Click here to see where you can make suggestions. Or browse through the existing posts in the three planned "rings":

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