Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watch For Pisco Restaurant To Open Early Next Week; New Peruvian On Rte 108 In Elkridge

Watch for the new Pisco restaurant to open on July 28 and 29 near the Trader Joe's in Elkridge.

Pisco is a Peruvian restaurant specializing in ceviche, a marinated fish dish that seems perfect for the summertime.  We're really excited because this is the same folks who created Facci.

I heard about a July 28 date when I walked past last week on my way to Perfect Pour.  Now there is an anonymous comment on a prior post saying the grand opening will be July 28 and 29.

Pisco is in the shopping center with Perfect Pour and Trader Joe's across from Costco.  This on Rte 108 just north of Rte 175 -- right on the border with Columbia.


Alberto Flores said...

I have been waiting for months! I really hope they open this coming Monday. In the mean time, I came across this small restaurant called "Puerto 511" in Baltimore (15 minutes from Elkridge, near the harbor). You can only go there with reservations due to the size of the location (super small). But don't get discouraged by the athmosphere, this was the best peruvian meal I had in years living in Maryland (yes, I tried Rockville's and Virginia's one and they are good - this was, in my opinion better). The chef is from Peru, and he cooks and serves his customers. He wants to keep it that way. Highly recommended. Menu is small, and portion sizes are appropiate, and yet the taste is refined and exquisite. I had a great dinner!

Jack Daniel said...

They've announced on their Facebook page that their grand opening will be August 6th.