Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Blogs On Cooking And Local Restaurants; Learn Korean BBQ, Cooking From The Farm

There once was a time when I could link to every blog post about food in Howard County, but now it is hard to even keep with the new blogs.

On top of the Unmanly Chef who wrote a Trolling post last week, there are more options for local food writing.

Lisbeth Eats is a new blog that ranges from posts about Korean barbecue to Italian recipes to the weekend market in downtown Ellicott City.  Lisbeth lives a bit outside Howard County, but she came in for a great post about Shin Chon is terrific.  It's a terrific guide for people who want to try Korean barbecue.  I tried something similar with my Korean 101 and Korean 102 posts, but Lisbeth did beautiful photos that would really help you figure out a meal.  She also said there are secret panchan -- ssam moo (thinly-sliced pickled radishes) -- that they'll serve if you ask!

The new blogs are terrific if you belong to a CSA or just want to get inspired to cook vegetables.  Kitchen Scribble, AnnieRie, and others have posted for several summers about how they use their direct-from-the-farm produce, but now there are at least two more sources:
  • Howard County Cook.  This blogger is getting a Breezy Willow CSA, then posting about ways to cook without recipes.  Like Lisbeth, these are terrific photos showing cool ideas.
  • CSA Creations.  Jill is writing about discovering new vegetables like kohlrabi.  She is getting the Gorman Farm CSA and getting some her ideas from my master Mark Bittman.   
While you're reading, check out the Unmanly Chef's current posts for his "grilling week" -- swordfish, ribs, etc.  Also, the 2 Dudes Who Love Food got the early look at the new Chef Paolino Cafe in Ellicott City.  That opened last week, but I haven't had a chance to go.

I try to list food blogs written in Howard County in my right hard column.  Blogs come and go, so some of those haven't been updated recently.  But several are very lively, and they have a mix of terrific ideas for cooking and for eating out.  For the best listing, check out HocoBlog's food section.

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