Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Better Than Good Humor: Get Your Sweets From The Waffle Truck; Belgian Treats Are Real Pearls

La Pearl's mini waffle with biscoff spread
A special truck will bring you special sweets, and I'm fan enough to promote them for a quick treat or catering your party.

This is the La Pearl waffle truck.  It's a Howard County staple now serving warm waffles with various toppings like ice cream, fruit and whipped cream.  They're a treat well worth both the calories and a little work tracking them down.

I had a La Pearl waffle at a neighborhood event a few weeks ago, and I thought it was unique and delicious.  I had a mini with biscoff spread, a thick liquid made from ground cookies.  They compare it to a spread made from graham crackers.

Either way, it showed off the real talent of La Pearl.  These are fresh-made waffles made from a batter that they import from Belgium.  The plain waffle is lightly sweet and would make a terrific breakfast or snack.  Then they only get better when you add your own toppings.

La Pearl's Twitter page is the best place to follow their locations.  They post schedules.  Some days they just post where they are.

In the initial months, the truck was regularly near Howard Community College, but the summer schedule has varied more.  They go to festivals, swim clubs, schools and more.  They also rent the truck for parties and special events.  Not that you get to drive.  They will come to your party and serve waffles.

Again, you should check for La Pearl's location through its Twitter page or its Web site.  They're looking to partner with restaurants, bakeries and other businesses.  If you're wondering, check them out or check out this tweet.


The Unmanly Chef said...

I've really wanted to try this, I read her article in the Sun/How. Times but I haven't been able to track the truck down. Glad to hear it lives up to the hype.

Whirlz in Dorsey also claims to have Belgian Waffles, I've had them a couple times, the waffles are pretty impressive. If you can't track down La Pearl give Whirlz a chance too.

emkenton said...

Okay, I have to ask: do you have Belgian heritage? The timing of this post made me giggle since I just read all about how we're supposed to boycott Belgian waffles today because of the World Cup matchup!!

HowChow said...

The truth is that I scheduled this without thought about the game. But I think EATING their waffles is an excellent way to support beating their soccer team.

Simon said...

If this is the same waffle truck that was parked on Main St. in Old Ellicott City during Midnight Madness, my impression was that their Belgian waffle was just par for the course. I've had outstanding waffles from waffle trucks in Belgium, and these don't quite measure up in my humble opinion. However, a "B"-waffle is still better than no waffle.

Stretch said...

I'm a fan of waffles, and have enjoyed both the sweet and savory waffles from the truck parked at Kendall Hardware on the weekends. I wish I could report the same for the La Pearl waffle truck. I stopped in and bought two when they were parked at HCC last year. Instead of fresh made, they used pre-made waffles, tossed them on a waffle iron for a few seconds, and served them. Slightly warm on the outside, chewy cool in the middle. Very disappointing at $4 apiece.