Friday, May 30, 2014

Coming Soon: Mission BBQ in Columbia, Farmers Market in Fulton; Maple Lawn Gets Veggies

Mission BBQ is coming to Columbia in the former home of Chicken Out just off Rte 175 and Dobbin Road.

(Update, it looks like Mission BBQ is aiming to open in July 2014 -- suggested by the fact that the company retweeted Kerry's tweet with that date.)

This is another restaurant into the development with Target and Dick's Sporting Goods.  This is right off Dobbin.  I first mentioned Mission BBQ in February based on a reliable source.  Last weekend, the sign was up, but it looked construction continues.  James and several other people emailed me while I was laid up.  Folks are pretty excited for the meats.

Down south, folks are excited for the vegetables at a new Saturday farmers market planned this summer in the Maple Lawn development.  Folks from Love Dove Farm in Woodbine came to the Maple Lawn community meeting earlier this month to announce that they'll offer vegetables, bread, cheese and more on Saturday mornings starting at 8:30 am.

I thought this was one of the county-run markets, but their Web site shows three markets on Wednesdays (Miller Library), Thursdays (Howard County General) and Sunday (Oakland Mills).  The reports from the Maple Lawn meeting said the farmers planned to have music, events, and sweets from a bakery, maybe called Stone House Bakery.

I have been out of commission for weeks with travel and illness. I'm trying to start up again, and I'll do a bunch of short posts about news that happened when I was home. This way, people will be able to find the posts if they're looking for a specific restaurant. Check them all out by clicking on Reset May 2014.


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Glad you're feeling better. We missed you!

PSeto said...

I ate at the Mission BBQ in White Marsh over the weekend for the first time and it was pretty good. I look forward to hitting this new one in Columbia although I find it strange that there will be 2 BBQ places within a few feet of each other.