Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Perfect Item At The Mexican Butcher In Columbia; What Else Should I Be Ordering?

Fajita meat, 
I buy one perfect thing at the butcher in Lily's Mexican Market, and I would really love some other advice.

The fajita meat at Lily's makes for a really great dinner with minimal effort.  Buy some meat, Mexican cheese, radishes and jalapeños  and a bag of the fresh corn tortillas.  If you want to splurge, get some tomatillos or some cactus.  (The cactus alone makes for great tacos, but that's getting off point.)

Take just a few minutes at home to cook the meat on a griddle or cast iron pan -- maybe char the jalapeño and tomatillos alongside before you chop them into a rough salsa.  Boom, you have easy soft tacos that are truly delicious.

Fajita meat from the Columbia market is perfect for me because I can buy a half pound of sliced meat -- as opposed to the entire skirt or flank steaks that I need to buy at Laurel Meat Market.

But I want to buy more.  What else do people buy at the Lily's butcher?  I basically asked this question in 2012, but I'm asking again because I know there are other cuts that a Latin butcher can deliver up.  I love Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday cookbook so I'm game for whatever you suggest.


nicole said...

Do you happen to know if the meat is local and/or organic/grass fed?

HowChow said...

@Nicole -- I don't know. I don't expect that it is because I don't see anything advertising it that way.

tstuckey said...

Get the quesadilla cheese (its in a bag in the cheese section - ask someone if you can't find it) and flour tortilla there. You can make your quesadillas as good as R&R's whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Even though Chicharron is not a meat counter item, it's a star attraction at Lily's. Not for the faint of heart, the square chunks of pork meat and fat are perfectly fried. Super crispy on the outside and sinful fatty goodness on the inside. Napkins required, cardiologist appointment recommended.

-Seb Who Can't Sign into Google Account at Work