Thursday, May 29, 2014

Corn Nuts & Popcorn: The Easiest Gourmet Appetizer You Can Make; Pick It All Up At Roots

Thank Roots that you can make the easiest gourmet appetizer that I have ever seen.

At Cuba de Ayer in Philadelphia, they serve a delicious snack made of popcorn and corn nuts.  Two kinds of crunchy.  Two kinds of salty.  It's a terrific dish that Mrs. HowChow recreated from Roots Market in Clarksville.

They sell a bunch of gourmet popcorns.  Or you could make your own.  And they also sell corn nuts in their house-brand package section.  They sell all kinds of sweet and savory snacks in Roots brand packages. The corn nuts are quite good, and Mrs. HowChow mixed them up Wednesday night while I grilled vegetables.

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