Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who Serves Great Christmas Dinner - Especially Buffet

Any suggestions for Christmas brunch or dinner?

On the HowChow Facebook page, Kay asked for people's advice.  It's really not my speciality.  I have gone for Chinese food on Christmas, but never an impressive family meal.

Kay's 90-year-old mother likes to treat the family to a Christmas meal.  They need some gluten-free options for one of her brothers.  Buffets work well, she said.  They used to like the Waterside in Columbia, but they'd prefer a new option.  My thought -- Victoria Gastropub -- is closed.  Any suggestions?


Marcia said...

Is Turf Valley open? We went there a couple years ago for Thanksgiving (both of us had foot/leg/ankle surgeries and neither could stand long enough to shop and cook). We were pretty impressed with the Thanksgiving dinner buffet they did, it was really very nice and much better than what they'd been putting out for Sunday brunches. (duck breast with port wine sauce, for ex., which was VERY good)

Or -- how would they feel about the places that prepare meals and you just pick up and reheat? Many places do that including some nice restaurants and I've heard good things about them. I believe my neighbors have been getting such a meal from Elkridge Furnace Inn for Thanksgiving and love the food.

MaybeKathy said...

I was thinking Turf Valley also. Or maybe Morgan's at the Columbia Hilton. We've gone there for Easter Brunch in the past and it was very nice.