Thursday, December 9, 2010

Link: Aida Bistro AND WINE BAR In The Sun

Aida Bistro's new location is open, and Richard Gorelick focused on the wine bar aspect, including wines on tap in his Sun restaurant roundup.  (Hat tip to HoCo Rising.)

Aida Bistro & WIne Bar
6741 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD

NEAR:  This is off Colonel Gateway Drive.  (Seriously, I thought that the signs on Rte 175 were saying "Colonel" Gateway for years.  The abbreviation "Col" means "colonel.")  You get there from Rte 175 just west of I-95.  It's very easy to reach.


emkenton said...

Oh you've made me so happy this morning-- we thought it was "Colonel Gateway" for years after moving here. (Especially since there's a Gov Warfield over by the mall. Why not have a Col, too?!)

Stephanie T said...

Ha! HowChow and emkenton, thank you both for validating my confusion and the ensuing inside (maybe not-so-inside) joke. Colonel Gateway, Governor Warfield, so some took to calling Snowden River Parkway "the General" - it just seemed fitting.

Sarah said...

I still slip and call it Colonel Gateway if I'm reading the sign!

Anonymous said...

the sun review got one thing wrong - Aida Bistro did serve lunch when they 1st opened. I know, because I went there once & the portion was so small and the price so high) that we all laughed and then never went back for lunch again.

Hopefully - they will have it right this time

Trip Klaus said...

Post article you may be interested in.,1177877/critic-review.html

Anonymous said...

I, also, once thought it was a military title. But it's no better now that I know it stands for "Columbia" because I'm confusing it with Columbia 100 Parkway.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought it was "Colonel" for years after I moved here. Even though I know the true name now, I still call it Colonel for kicks! (And I love that Stephanie calls SRP "The General". That's great!)

lesolomon said...

Check out the dining review for Aida Bistro just posted
on Howard County Living Magazine website and published in the Winter Issue.