Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Half-Smokes At The Laurel Meat Market

Okay, so I said that I stopped buying pork sausages in favor of Harris Teeter's chicken links.  But I lied just a little bit.

I experimented recently with half-smokes from Laurel Meat Market because, well, it seems like the local thing to do.

They're lightly spicy.  Firmer than the chicken sausage, and we ate them in sandwiches.


Marco Kathuria said...

While not in the same "quality" ballpark as half-smokes you mention, I've recently discovered that Giant is carrying two brands of Baltimore-made half-smokes in its meat section.

At $2.99 for 6 (pre-cooked) half-smokes (mild or hot), it's a good deal. The two brands (whose names escape me) both exhibit good "snap" when bitten into, a firm and robust texture, and more importantly, great flavour.

While not as good as the half-smokes at Ben's Chilli Bowl in DC, these are a reasonably-good alternative.

I've been zapping them in the microwave for 60 secs and have found them to be the perfect snack.

Alex said...

I'd be curious to see how these stack up to the half-smokes at BBQ Dave's.

Rob said...

Boarman's has the same half smokes as Ben's Chili Bowl, and Treuth's sells great half smokes too.

Unknown said...

Laurel Meat Market meats are grass-fed, no hormone, no antibiotic--if that makes a difference to the buyer.

John in HoCo said...

@ Marco - if you figure out the brand of half-smokes that Giant carries, please post here. I looked at my local Giant today in two sections of the store (hot dog section and pork/sausage section) and did not see any half-smokes. I'd like to try them if I can find them.

1jazzylady said...

Giant has T.O Williams Capital half smokes. I brought them yesterday.