Friday, December 3, 2010

Back For Porterhouse At J.W. Trueth In Oella

We're not huge beef people, but the drive to J.W. Trueth in Oella is worthwhile for anyone who wants a great steak.

A porterhouse serves us perfectly -- a little filet for Mrs. HowChow, a little strip for me.  And Trueth serves perfectly.  Butchering the beef themselves.  Answering any questions.  Happy to check the back for a porterhouse with a more-equal split between filet and strip.

I'm better with a castiron pan than putting a steak on the grill.  More light in my kitchen.  More control with the fire under a pan.  I make a sauce with ginger, soy sauce and water.  The steak needs nothing special.  It's delicious with just the right marbling to keep the meat moist.  If you actually have grill skills, you can make a masterpiece.

In fact, J.W. Trueth would be priceless if you wanted to serve a special meal, and you just drive a few minutes east of downtown Ellicott City.  Check out the dry-packed scallops and the huge tuna chunks.  But the place makes its name on meat.  Porterhouse, sirloins, filets, and thick lamb chops.  Pick your favorite and fire up.


BeerGuy said...

LOVE Treuth's! Fun drive, too.

I always go for the Delmonico cut, packed with flavor.

Anonymous said...

They butcher it, but where does it come from? Local?

MaybeKathy said...

I love Treuth's too! I can't remember the last time I bought meat from a grocery store. The staff is awesome, always friendly and helpful. My personal favorite is the skirt steak. It hides in the freezer case and runs out fast during BBQ season.
I don't know where the beef comes from but I will ask next time I am there.

Mo said...

This place is great. The staff is so helpful, and they're really enthusiastic and friendly. Each time I've been in, I've come with questions, and they've always taken the time to answer them.

The Italian sausage and bacon are excellent, btw.

As far as I know, the meat comes from PA Amish country. I asked last time I was in, because I was looking for food for a "hundred mile dinner" where all ingredients had to be local. All animal harvest and butchering is done in-house.

Anonymous said...

had to stop there based on this one delmonico & one porterhouse...loved them both. Will be back!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of local beef, has anyone tried the Clark's Elioak local beef? I was considering it as holiday gift but wanted some feedback on it first...Thanks!