Monday, January 11, 2010

Link: Hunan Manor on Kevin & Ann Eat Everything

If you eat in Howard County, you need to read Kevin & Ann's post from last month about Hunan Manor.

Hunan Manor is the heavyweight of local Chinese restaurants, and I have heard an endless wail about how it isn't as good as it used to be.  But Kevin & Ann wrote a hilarious, meandering post about a huge family dinner there -- highlighting the Peking duck and other dishes that they really enjoyed:

It's been a long history between the Rhee family and Columbia's Chinese institution. Every year, there is one less flock of ducks in the world because they reside in our respective bellies. The Rhee family motto is "And you will know us by the trail of dead...ducks". This year was no exception. If it comes to pass that some insane Wall Street warrior creates an ETF for ducks (NYSE: QCK) and brings them to the open market, go long.
This is food blogging at its best.  The Sun can't let its food critic ridicule her aunt or make these jokes.  I'm happy with the voice that has developed here at HowChow, but I laugh way more at the energy in Kevin & Ann Eat Everything.

On a side note, I will post in the next week about Hunan Taste, which blew me away with its Chinese food in Catonsville.


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Hunan Manor was shutdown by the HoCo Health Dept today. Drove by and the place was empty. Not sure I'm craving the Empress Chjcken afterall...

Work in progress said...

Man, that's a bummer. Their food was getting better too! Yikes. I wish Maryland would have a system like California that puts health code grades up in restaurant windows. That'd be nice. Anyhow, I'm always pumped when you link, Brent. Much thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hunan Manor is still closed. I drove by today and its still shut down.