Friday, July 10, 2009

Wegmans Construction Begins, Sun Reports

The esteemed Larry Carson of the Sun reports that crews have begun installing fences around the Wegmans site in Columbia. He says demolition of the existing warehouse should be complete by August, but there is no construction schedule or opening date yet.

It won't open in 2010, which just makes it hurt more to read old press releases saying the Columbia Wegmans could open as early as 2009.

I'm not clear if Carson is making a sly joke when he calls the Columbia Wegman's a "giant 160,000-square-foot" supermarket. We know it isn't a Giant.

HowChow reported on a Wegmans building permit Monday. Of course, HowChow has the luxury of concentrating its "news" reporting on two supermarkets and a Peruvian chicken joint. The Sun seems to have left Carson covering the entire county.

(Update: Lotsboogeys beat me and the Sun in a comment to an earlier post that he wrote before noon about Wegmans construction starting. Also -- check of the Tales of Two Cities blog if you're looking for news about the law suits surrounding the Wegmans.)


Anonymous said...

At least a Wegmans is coming! In the meantime, we have Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn to look forward to in October. I thought I saw some renovating activity going on in the old Daily Grind place - any update on who the new tenant might be?
- Original Anonymous Wegmans Building Permit Guy (who just happens to live in Maple Lawn)

HowChow said...

OAWBPGuy -- I glanced at the old Daily Grind this morning without taking enough time to see anything useful. I don't see anyone pulling permits for that coffee shop. Drop me an email if you want at howchowblog at gmail.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for Wegman's! I can't wait until they build it.