Friday, October 31, 2008

Delicious: The Easiest Quick Pickles

Pickles intimidate me, but I stumbled on the easiest way to turn vegetables into quick treats -- thanks again to the H Mart.

Yoricho cooking vinegar turns cucumbers, red pepper and carrot into pickles in just 20 minutes. Mix the Yoricho with an equal amount of water, then dunk in any vegetables that you want. They have a light vinegar flavor, although complex enough to be a real pickle with no labor at all. Great with Korean food, but they'd also pair with burgers or any other rich main course. I even soaked carrots overnight, then packed them for lunch.

Seriously, that's all I know because the only English on the bottle is a sticker with the ingredients and the name "Cooking Vinegar - Yoricho." I don't know if "yoricho" is a brand or a type of vinegar. The ingredients list vingar, corn syrup, sugar and then a list of flavorings like lemon juice, bonito extract, sea tangle extract, etc. I only bought the bottle because one of the H Mart's taste-testers convinced me to sample last weekend.

No waiting. No canning. I sliced vegetables into a bowl with the yoricho, and I served them as soon as the other food was ready. An hour gave a stronger taste, but 20 minutes really did work. Great with red pepper, carrots and cucumber. Probably great with whatever you try.

For all posts about the H Mart, check out here. If you go there, definitely check out the Jamaican patties at Golden Krust Bakery in the same shopping center. If you love pickles, remember the homemade pickles at Family Affair produce stand.

H Mart
800 N. Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD 21228

NEAR: Rte 40 just west of I-695. If you are driving from HoCo, you'll see a Starbucks and a FedEx at the end of the shopping center. Turn right immediately after the Starbucks. If you miss it, just turn right at the next intersection.

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