Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Delicious: Eastern Shore Roll at Sushi King

Imagination and flavor continue to fill the little plates at Sushi King and create new reasons to try the deluxe rolls.

I wrote months ago that Sushi King is the best reason for your friends to drive all the way from DC or Baltimore. I'm still captivated by some of the most-imaginative sushi that I have ever seen.

The big rolls are expensive. They're more than $15 each. But they're superb, and the chefs continue to innovate. Two newer versions rely on a tempura shrimp wrapped on the outside with fish. The Eastern Shore roll tops with roll with crab meat. The Samauri roll wraps it with tuna. They're both delicious, and you can make a reasonable -- although not cheap -- meal by pairing them with some of the smaller rolls by the crispy roll or the spicy grilled roll.

(Update: Keith is the comments reports that Sushi Sono and Sushi King aren't owned by the same family. I was repeating hearsay -- like pretty much everything in the blog -- and was years out of date. I fixed the error. Thanks Keith!)

If you like Sushi King, you should check out Sushi Sono -- also serving special rolls, but in downtown Columbia. If you are at Sushi King, check out Lily's Mexican Market in the same shopping center or Mango Grove for Indian food right up the street.

Or check out a working list of the best restaurants in Howard County.

Sushi King
6490 Dobbin Road, Ste. F
Columbia, MD

NEAR: The Kmart on Rte 175 and the DMV/Starbucks/Blockbuster on Dobbins Road. Sushi King is in the same shopping center as the DMV off Dobbins. Look for the intersection with a Blockbuster. The Sushi King shopping center is across Dobbins from the Blockbuster.


Keith said...

FYI, Sushi Sono and Sushi King are not owned by the same people. The Lin's sold Sushi King years ago and kept the more upscale Sushi Sono.

HowChow said...

Thanks Keith. I fixed the error here and in two other posts! I do love both restaurants.