Wednesday, October 22, 2008

\Frank's Nursey & Produce in Elkridge

Nothing beats apples and pumpkins on a crisp fall day, and Frank's Nursery & Produce offers an impressive array of both close to home.

Frank's joins Larriland Farm as the best places for pumpkins in Howard County. Of course, Larriland is across the county off I-70 in Woodbine. So it's still a priceless place to pick your own apples, send kids through the maze, take a hay ride, shop in the store, etc. But that doesn't work if you just have 20 minutes between errands in Columbia.

In its small covered area, Frank's offers maybe 10 different apples varieties, many of which you aren't going to find in a supermarket. Mrs. HowChow and I are in love with honeycrisp apples, and Frank's let us grab a bagful on the way out of Lowes. Frank's also has spectacular pumpkins. They're lined up near the parking lot, and they're especially great jack-o-lantern candidates -- many with long, twisting stems that give them character. Tall ones. Round ones. Fat ones. All kinds of sizes. That is why this is the best pumpkins in Howard County.

Two large pumpkins ran $22, and the Mrs. picked up an array of other pumpkins (tiny, small and medium), gourds and mums to decorate the house. The mums are already-blooming not just budded, but they're color at cut-rate prices -- $8 for a mum similar to ones that we saw for $25 at Home Depot.

The Frank's store has some nice produce, although I never know whether it is local or somehow different from what you can buy elsewhere. In the spring, Frank's grows annuals and some perennials in its greenhouses, and they're a beautiful experience to stroll through thousands of flowers after the winter cold. Again, they're a bargain. Great prices if you want a large display for your yard.

Click here for all the posts about Larriland. If you go to Frank's, you are just around the corner from casual kabobs and Persian food at Parsa Kabob.
FYI -- This isn't Frank's Seafood in Jessup. I don't know if they're connected.

Frank's Produce
6686 Old Waterloo Rd
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 799-4566

Near: This is actually near the shopping center with Lowe's and Trader Joe's at Rte 108 and Rte 175. From Rte 175, turn onto Rte 108 and then turn right at the second light onto Lark Brown Road. The Trader Joe's will be on your right. Follow that under it deadends, then turn right on Old Waterloo Road. Frank's is a few hundred feet up on the right.


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Does he have Mutsu apples? If he does, you should try those.

HowChow said...

I don't remember if he had Mutsu, but I will definitely check. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

WHAT??!! Larriland farm absolutely IS in Howard County. Woodbine is half in Howard County, and half in Carroll County. Larriland is very clearly on the Howard County side. If Larriland is not on the Howard side, then there are a lot of people that are owed one hell of a property tax refund from the Howard County government.

HowChow said...

Whoops. OK. Now, I need to start publishing corrections!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about Franks. We went there yesterday for apples and were pleasantly surprised with the great prices on other produce. We'll definitely be heading there again in the future!