Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Champs: Burger, Fries And A Raging Bitch Pale Ale At Victoria, Even Trapped Indoors

Indoor lighting = terrible. Burger = Still champ.
I went to Victoria Gatro Pub a while ago with the plan for the perfect evening, and their burger was so delicious that it made up for the fact that our plan fell apart.

More than two years ago, I crowned Victoria Gastro Pub as my favorite burger, but I said then that I wished there was more competition.  So I went back for a test in light of the recently-arrived burger chains like Five Guys and BGR The Burger Joint. 

Our plan was the outdoor space.  Victoria has covered its patio, and we drove with our hearts set on a seat outside to enjoy an evening, some beef, and some beer.  When we walked inside, I wondered what kind of suckers were sitting indoors when the patio was half empty.

Turns out that they were suckers just like me.  The crowds had overwhelmed the weekday staff, so they weren't seating at every table.  We waited 20 minutes, and our hunger pushed us to the first indoor seat rather than waiting more.  Our hunger pushed me back to the regular burger as well.  It's my standard at Victoria and often our inspiration to drive there.  

Victoria's burger is still the champ -- even indoors.  A thick patty with meaty flavor and generous juice.  It's cooked right.  It's topped with my choice of a few interesting cheeses  A perfect bun, baked there and way better than the ones that I buy at the store.  Special pickles that Victoria makes as well.  Plus, the burger comes with a plate of fries, which are crisp, hot and dusted with paprika.

There's no competition, especially because an $11 cheeseburger and fries at Victoria runs about the same as BGR The Burger Joint in Columbia.   BGR gives you more fries in its side order, but I don't need more.  I don't even need Victoria's kobe version or the duck fat fries. Get them if you like, but I'm happy wrapping my hands around the old standard.

(I'm accepting my rut at Victoria.  I love their beer sampler, which is a great way to try five beers from their interesting lists.  But I wasted $7 last time.  I wanted a Raging Bitch Pale Ale.  I ordered the sampler so that I wasn't just repeating my last trip.  But Flying Dog's ale was clearly my favorite.  The others were fine, but I should have just gotten my pint.)

I'm not alone if loving the Victoria burger.  HoCo Connect posted a similar rave last week.  Bakkich also toasted Victoria, but that was for the lobster grilled cheese.


P90 Noir said...

I love the burger at Victoria. And I agree the basic burger is just as good as the kobe. My fries last time were so salty it hurt, but everybody has off days.

You're missing the second best burger though - the royal robin at Red Robin. I don't love the atmosphere (although it's good for kids) and the beer selection is mediocre at best, but a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg is just amazing. Be warned, it's rich. The Mrs. and I can usually split one.

Work in progress said...

Have you tried the Lagunitas IPA at Victoria? That's one of my favorite beers that they serve.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Kelsey's in Ellicott City lately? If not, go right away! They have a new head chef and menu that has blown me away so far.

This being said, their Dubliner Burger rocks! I've had it twice and the taste was consistent and yummy. It was far better than anything at BGR and better than the last burger I had at Victoria (perhaps it was an off night).

David said...

Twist and Turn Tavern, 108 and Highland, is moving its way up my burger chart. Their onion rings are excellent, too. Great beer selection.

K8teebug said...

Love the burger here. But, Hamilton Tavern still wins as my fave. But, the beer at Victoria cannot be beat! (and neither can the poutine)

Anonymous said...

The burgers at Victorias is good, but by the time get seated, order, and tip the waitress you could get a better burger at BGR for far less. 15% to 20% tip adds up. Plus, when I'm done at BGR or Fuddruckers I am not waiting on the waitres for the check.For the money fast casual BGR or Fuddruckers are way better.