Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Sage Hosting A Benefit This Weekend

Great Sage is hosting an all-day benefit for a non-profit Compassion Over Killing this Sunday, July 24th.

All day, a portion of the bills will be donated by the Clarksville restaurant that has gone all-organic and all-vegan.  It's a fun place, although I always prefer straight dishes as opposed to ones that try to mimic original meat food.  Richard Gorelick named it the third best restaurant in Howard County.

Compassion Over Killing appears to be a non-profit that investigates animal cruelty.  If you want to chat about food, feel free to comment here.  Please don't get into COK or its politics.  I'm just posting because Great Sage is a local.

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Katie Smallwood said...

Thanks for mentioning Great Sage and the Compassion Over Killing benefit on you blog! We love working with animal welfare groups like COK. If you can make it in, brunch is served from 10-3pm and COK volunteers will be here with great information. Lite fare from 3-5pm and dinner from 5-9pm!