Thursday, July 14, 2011

Link: Pita & Rye In The WPost

The new Pita & Rye deli in Fulton got featured by the WPost yesterday -- although Martha Thomas wrote as much about the owner, the location of the condiments, and the kosher certification as she did about the food.  This is her lede:
Pita & Rye, which may be Howard County's first certified kosher delicatessen, is certain to offend no one. But that may be to its peril.


RDAdoc said...

I've had their veggie burgers which are very tasty. I also recommend the sweet potato knishes.

J said...

I've had the chicken kebab sandwich; their food always tastes very fresh and made with good quality ingredients. I love the half-sour pickle. I even like the pita bread, which usually is dry and crumbly at most places, but here it has a nice doughiness to it. My only quibble is that portions are a little on the small side for the price.

Steve Fine said...

Their corn beef is the real deal.