Monday, June 6, 2011

This Girl May Have Picked The Last Strawberries

Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel offered pick-your-own strawberries this spring, and I took advantage Saturday morning to walk around with a friend and his daughter.

Blame the toddler if she picked the last strawberries.

It's amazing to realize that even the beautiful strawberries at a place like Whole Foods don't actually taste like the sweet, delicate berries that you pick from your own plants.  The Gorman strawberries had the small size and the glistening color that says they won't last on a shipping truck.  They didn't need to last around here because my little friend mowed through a bowl with lunch.

By 2 pm on Saturday, the farm was hanging a "sold out" sign at the gate as I drove to the library.  I can't tell from the Web site whether that was the last weekend for strawberries or there is one more week left.

Click here for all the posts about Gorman Produce Farm, which is just east of Rte 29 and just south of Columbia.


Sarah said...

Glad I got out there last week before your little friend picked the last ones! They really were amazing strawberries.

I am... Lauren said...

Same for us, we went last Thursday and, you're right they are DELICIOUS, just so sweet. I'm hoping more berries grow this week, so we can make another trip!

Dan said...

We were there too, Mr. farmer said that while they're probably done for the reason, he's going give them a few weeks of time to grow and see if there's enough to open it back up. They were super good!

RDAdoc said...

Glad my son & I picked some last week! I am looking forward to getting our 1st goodies from their CSA mid June!