Friday, June 17, 2011

Link: Iron Bridge Owners [Are Not] Opening New Restaurant At Former Friendly Inn

The owners of Iron Bridge Wine Co. in Columbia have a deal to operate a new restaurant in the site of the former Friendly Inn on Frederick Road in Ellicott City, reports Wordbones on Tales of Two Cities.

(Update: Not true.  Wordbones has updated the blog, and the Iron Bridge guys aren't opening a new place.)


Elizabeth Treusdell Brunetti said...

Oh, wonderful! I love Iron Bridge - hopefully their new place will be as good!

vk@nyte said...

I thought one of the Ampieri bros owned that place and was looking for rezoning as to put a shopping center next to it..considering that its a pretty good hike up to rt. 40 from there for any shopping....if the news is true,thats a good spot to have another location,however its always been considered a "watering hole" unlike Iron Bridge's previous owners at the main location..

KimD said...

Check the blog again - looks like it's not to be.