Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Link: Kimco Seafood On This Is Gonna Be Good

The This is Gonna Be Good blog has terrific photos and a long description of a Korean-style sushi feast at Kimco Seafood.

This was a spread with 25+ panchan and a meter-long wood board covered with sashimi.  1000yregg posts about exotics like sea squirt, sea cucumber and lobster, but much of the sashimi was halibut, tuna, salmon and yellowtail.  After all that, they had a lobster soup.

TIGBG actually posted about Kimco in April, but I overlooked it then.  It's too good to miss.  Kimco is the Ellicott City restaurant that I reviewed a long time ago when it was called Bethany Seafood.

For more about Korean restaurants along Rte 40, check out a prior post where Kevin talked about the variations, including Korean sashimi called "Hwae."


1000yregg said...

Thanks for linking my post. I'm going to check out the noodle place you mentioned Monday.

Anonymous said...

Thought your readers might like to know abouut Flip Flop Day at the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Dobbin. June 17th - wear flip flops, get a free smoothie! Haven't been there yet - is it any good?