Saturday, May 7, 2011

Link: Restaurants.Com Ideas On B The B Blog

Check out some local spots that offer discounts in a post on the Brent the Brewer blog.

I have had some luck buying discount coupons from, although I agree with Brent that you need to watch the fine print to see when you can use the coupons and what you can buy.  The first rule is that you should never get less than 80% of the coupon.  The site offers discounts all the time.  Just sign up for email.

Anyone else have a favorite place offering deals?  Brent lists three, but the stable of restaurants has been growing.


sherringham said...

We just used on for Cuba de Ayer last night. Only stipulations are not valid on alcohol and you have to spend $35 (for the $25 GC) --not so hard when you save room for the tres leches cake!

I've also used these for LeeLynns, though they're a bit more strict: Sunday-Thursday, have to spend $50 (for the 25 GC), cant be used on alcohol, and can't be combined with ANY (ANY ANY ANY!) other offer--including 1/2 price wine (even though alcohol is off limits on the GC). We ran into this problem a few years ago and the manager was a total tool when explaining this to us after the fact. He should have accepted it anyway, since the wine doesn't count for the $50 you have to spend anyway. We spent over $100 on food that night, but he still wouldn't accept it, reminding us that "he has to make money too!"

Brent The Brewer said...

Thanks for the plug HowChow. I love your blog!!! BTW...I totally blew the title on mine. It's "", not "". No "S" in there. I need to lay off the homebrew when writing these things.

@Sherringham...I agree with the assessment that LeeLynns Gift Card deal at has some stiff rules. I wanted to buy one but after reading the rules, I wasn't interested in dealing with their subjective rules. Your experience means my concerns were correct.

Note to the wise consumer, if the description of the rules are vague and a little on the subjective side, stay away. You are only looking at a potential battle with the manager like what Sherringham had to deal with. It's not worth it at that point.

brandon said...

I've mentioned this before, but it's also wise to bring up the fact that you're using a gift certificate when ordering.

My wife and I were told after our meal at Frisco Grill (before the new location) that they had decided not to accept them after they didn't like something had done (coupon was still valid, they just decided not to accept them).

We've had some bad luck with the fine print on the coupons (and groupons), but in every other case I would say it was our fault for not reading it closely enough. I think the only thing that would have made a difference here would have been checking beforehand to make sure they still accepted them.