Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Link: 10 "Must Eat" Foods On HoCo Rising

What are your 10 favorite foods in Howard County?  HoCo Rising posted its list today, starting with french fries and ending with a burrito.

I need to try the chicken mole at El Azteca, and I have never had the coldcut sandwich at Boarman's.  HoCo Rising's post is definitely worth a look, as are all the local blogs that dabble in food occasionally.  Check down the right column -- food blogs at the top and then Howard County general blogs at the bottom.

If you have just three favorite local food (and one cell phone photo), you could write a Trolling guest post. Check here for the explanation and rules.  Or click here for all the Trolling posts.


Morty Abzug said...

1. naan (also lamb kebab, sides of eggplant and chickpeas) at Maiwand
2. chorizo burrito at Frisco
3. saffron rice at Akbar
4. momo at gateway pizza
5. bagel with lox at Charter Deli

Laura said...

1) Rotisserie chicken at Stanford Grill
2) Yolk around the clock at Eggspectaction
3) Ribs at Sonoma's
4) Grilled vegetable sandwich at Bon Fresco
5) Anything at Joe's Place