Monday, May 2, 2011

Howard County Farmers Markets Opening 2011

Peaches aren't here yet, but the Howard County farmers markets open this week -- starting with a Wednesday market in Ellicott City.

For 2011, I think there will be five markets:
  • Wednesday afternoons at St. Johns Episcopal Church in Ellicott City.
  • Thursday afternoons at the East Columbia library.
  • Friday afternoons at Howard County General Hospital in Columbia.
  • Saturday mornings at the Glenwood library.
  • Sunday mornings at the Oakland Mills village center in Columbia.
Because I'm in the office during the week, I have mostly been to the Sunday market at Oakland Mills.  It has varied over time -- always having produce, sometimes flowers or bread.  I'd love comments from anyone who can compare the different markets or suggest vendors at particular ones.

Watch HowChow for reports on Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel.  Also, keep an ear out to see if the Second Sunday market will return to Ellicott City.  That started in 2009, and it has drawn produce and meat vendors, along with the normal places on Main Street to buy food.

For addresses and times for al the farmers markets, click on the Howard County Economic Development Authority Web site.  Or click for all my posts about the Howard County farmers markets.


Wendi said...

The Second Sunday Market has indeed come back - it started 2 months ago in modified form, last month there were more vendors. And it will be there next Sunday.

Julie said...

I love the HoCo farmers' markets, at least the ones I have been to. The Thursday one at East Columbia library is huge and has a lot of great vendors. The Friday one at HoCo General Hospital is new and still growing- only 5-6 stands but still good produce, and the folks at Triadelphia Farm are here and sell organic meat. I have never been to the one on Saturday but have heard the folks from South Mountain Creamery sell fresh milk there. Yum!

Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy said...

First of all, I love your blog! I found last year that the HCGH farmer's market was considerably more expensive than the Thursday library one. I'm not sure if it costs more for the farmers to rent space there, or what, but everything was definitely higher priced than at the other market I frequent. I've never been to any of the other markets, although I may try the new EC one. Thanks for the info!

MaybeKathy said...

I know it's probably blasphemy but I like the Sunday farmers market in Catonsville much better than the Oakland Mills market. There's a bunch of great fruit and veggie stalls, a bakery with excellent pastry (since I usually need breakfast, Gunpowder Buffalo, and the IcedGems cupcake truck.

Rick B. said...

While the produce at the local farmer's markets looks great, the prices are quite high (in my opinion) so for now I will only be visiting them sparingly.

AnonymousToo said...

I have only been to the Saturday at Glenwood and the Sunday at Oakland Mills and I vastly prefer the Glenwood. The Glenwood is the cheapest of any I have visited - even the organic produce costs less than the supermarket. Maybe because they have enough vendors to get some price competition. And yes, South Mountain Creamery is there. Go yogurt! The one downside is that of there are other events going on in the library or parking lot it can be difficult to get in and find parking.

Mccblogger said...

Yay, it's great to see so many farm markets popping up in all the local counties. Everyone one at McCutcheon's Apple Products has been loving all the easy to find, local fresh produce.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is the right thread, but the Sunday Morning market at the Oakland Mills Village center (by the Food Lion and 2nd Chance) has a great new addition: a Caribbean food tent. They're using proteins from the meat vendor at the market so it's local and antibiotic free. Tried the jerk chicken and while a bit mild for me most folks will find it kind of spicy. It did leave a nice pleasant spicy aftertaste. And next week (July 12th) they're promising goat!

Anonymous said...

BTW, here's their website: