Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jenny's Market: A Farm Stand on Rte 32

If you're on Rte 32 in the western county, watch for the signs trying to lure you to Jenny's Market.

Just off the 32, a family has established a weekend farm stand in their front yard. I didn't really ask questions. I stopped because the series of roadside signs ("Your spouse called . . . and said to stop at Jenny's . . . for delicious peaches . . . ") were amusing and offered a variety of produce. We bought peaches and tomatoes, and the tomatoes have been heavy with flavor, served once with basil and cheese and sliced once to top burgers.

The array of produce looks too large -- and too perfect -- for any single family to grow. Plus, there are bananas. That suggests that Jenny and her family fill their covered stand from a wholesale market. But everything looked delicious, and there is an extra spice to buying food outside and talking to the family as you do. Mrs. HowChow talked to Jenny and Jenny's mother. You can't even get that at Whole Foods.

(Update: Jenny's is open Tuesday-Sunday for 2009.  BillZ reports that Jenny's market moved a few hundred yards onto Andrea Drive for the summer of 2009.)

(Update:  In early 2012, the market was still operating.  The loops around the new interchange can be confusing the first time, but it's pretty easy if pay attention.)

Jenny's Market is a perfect stop after you have picked-your-own fruit at Larriland Farm in Woodbine. Take the Rte 32 exit south from I-70 and fill out your order on the ride home to supplement the just-picked items.

If you like farm-fresh produce but can't get out to Rte 32, then check out the
Columbia farmers markets where the farmers will come to you.

Jenny's Market
through the summer, but watch for the signs on Rte 32
3485 East Ivory Road
West Friendship, MD 21794

NEAR: This is on Rte 32 about five miles north of the intersection with Rte 108. It is south of I-70.  Follow the signs on Rte 32.

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Paris137 said...

i am so upset! i specifically CHOSE the tomatoes that i felt were the ripest, the softest and the BEST. The girl took the bag from me. We then chose a dozen ears of corn and two canned products. We paid. We just arrived home to find that we were given SOMEONE ELSE's tomatoes! i am furious! At $1.98 lb! These tomatoes that we ended up with are just like most of those on the stand -- BIG AND HARD AND hardly red!
So far, i've found no phone number to call and complain which probably wouldn't do me any good anyway!!!!!