Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Parsa Kabob: Persian in Elkridge

Parsa Kabob is the place for a weeknight break. Casual. Inexpensive. A simple menu with some flair. And they'll even deliver near the Columbia-Elkridge-Ellicott City border along Rte 108.

The restaurant is true to it's name -- kabobs of ground sirloin, chicken, lamb, salmon, swordfish or filet mignon. They're the key, offered on their own or in combinations at nice wooden tables. It's a cheery place with yellow walls, blue trim and tile floor.

There is even jerk chicken, but Parsa is trying for an more authentic Persian feel. They brought in an Iranian chef recently, and there are some Middle Eastern standards of grape leaves, hummus or feta with olives, a few salads, a falafel sandwich and desserts. I got the falaffel. It was good. Thin strong bread was the highlight, keeping together the sandwich even with the sauce spread throughout. The falaffel had a different spice than what I expect. It's a nice change -- and the right break on a night when you don't want to cook.

If you want more about Parsa, check out the Bayside Ramblings blog review.  If you like Middle Eastern food, you have to visit Sizar's -- one of the best groceries in the county.

If you like kabobs, you should also try Maiwand Kabob in Columbia -- especially the pumpkin appetizer. Or click for a working list of the best restaurants in Howard County.

Parsa Kabob
6590 Old Waterloo Road
Elridge, MD 21075

NEAR: Parsa Kabob is in the Lark Brown shopping center off Lark Brown Road. It's just over a hill from the new Costco on Rte 108 near Rte 175. If you're on Rte 108, turn on Lark Brown at the traffic light towards the Costco. Then go a few blocks and look for the shopping center on the left just before Lark Brown ends at Old Waterloo Road.

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Anonymous said...

I really wanted to like this place. So I tried it. But sorry, this falaffel is the worst I've EVER had, and I've eaten falaffel from California to the Middle East.

The place was empty weekday lunch time. One person doing all the work, making falaffel with same hands running the cash register. Place was hot inside. Soda machine Out of Order, only large bottles of Coke available. Since I didn't want that, had to take home instead of the planned eat in. Falaffel cold, tasteless, wilted lettuce. Sorry guys, gotta do better than this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a bad day, but the place seemed to be dirty and not very well run. While I was waiting for my carry-out order, I noticed a number of cracked ceiling tiles, some which had water stains, and the window coverings in the front of the store were beginning to fall down. Many tables had empty salt, pepper, and condiment jars on them that needed to be refilled. (The place was completely empty at the time, so it isn't as though a rush of customers could have explained this.) The soda cooler was almost empty and the remaining soda bottles were strewn around inside the cooler. Overall, the dining room looked to be in a state of disorganization and disrepair.

I do pharmaceutical inspections as part of my job, and it seems that when a place doesn't take care of the parts of the establishment that the public can see, the stuff in the back is usually worse. So, I tried to look through the window up by the counter into the kitchen (there was one person cooking and working the register, so no one was up front at the time). My view was limited, but it didn't look like the kitchen was particularly clean, either. By the time I got my order and took it home, I was grossed out enough that I took a few bites and threw the rest out. That said, the flavor of the food was good, so if they'd clean up I think it would be an ok place to eat.

J&PJ said...

We tried Parsa Kabob tonight. I can see why there are so few comments. It was some of the most disappointing food we've ever had. We really like Middle Eastern food and we're regulars at Maiwand Kabob. But this was ridiculously expensive and SO not worth it. DH and I each tried a combo plate; DH had steak and a ground beef kabob for $17. There was a good amount of meat but it had very little flavor. A sizable portion of plain basmati rice, half a grilled tomato, about one tablespoon of marinated onions and half of a cold, dry pita bread accompanied the kabobs. I had a ground beef kabob and a chicken kabob with the same accompaniments. The beef was boring, lightly seasoned and dry and the chicken was not very flavorful and was dry as well. Accompanying sauces were a mildly flavored yogurt/mint sauce and a very spicy green jalapeno sauce. Overall, we can't wait to go back - to Maiwand Kabob.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments, this place looked scary inside. On the outside, it's located between a quick-mart and a tattoo parlor.... The cashier/cook was very nice, however.

Horribly overpriced, it was $17 for one dish of two kabobs with rice and sauces. The sauces were the only good thing. No way they even come close to Maiwand Kabob. I've had better kabobs come off a cart, wrapped in newspaper, in Afghanistan.