Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Delicious: Popped Rice Bowls at H Mart

Try the popped rice bowls at the H Mart for an interesting snack that you can pair with almost anything.

Across from the fish counter is a green industrial machine that clunks every few second and knocks out crunchy rice cakes. They're infinitely lighter than the diet-fad rice cakes. These crunch in your mouth, but then almost melt there.

I love them with peanut butter. But they're a neutral flavor that could go with almost anything -- sweet like jam or savory like salsa or kimchi. Based on the H Mart, kids seem to love them. Parents hand the rice bowls to kids sitting in shopping carts, and they chomp, chomp, chomp. For $1.99 for a bag of about a dozen, it's a fun snack to try.

You don't even have to cook! Check here to see that the H Mart offers prepared foods and delicious items that you can just eat off the shelf.

H Mart
800 N. Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD 21228

NEAR: Rte 40 just west of I-695. If you are driving from HoCo, you'll see a Starbucks and a FedEx at the end of the shopping center. Turn right immediately after the Starbucks. If you miss it, just turn right at the next intersection.


Data said...

I just bought some there today. I'm actually eating one right now. There were 20 in my bag. There wasn't a price listed anywhere though, so I had been leery of buying them in the past. Never again, cuz now I love these things!! I don't feel guilty for eating a bunch of them either, but I do wish there were nutrition facts somewhere.

Oh, and I have a food blog too! http://datapike.wordpress.com

shelly said...

We have been buying them from HMart for a long time - we love them. We can't have too much gluten, so we use these in place of bread. Sometimes we eat them with cream cheese and jam, sometimes with tuna salad. These have always come in unlabeled clear plastic bags, up till our last trip. The last batch of these rice cakes was in pre-labeled bags that say "Korean Biscuit", and here is the list of ingredients: wheat, salt. Can this be right?? The kids swear to me that they dump only white rice into the machine. Any ideas?