Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whole Food Has House-Made Popsicles -- Juice Pressed, Mixed And Frozen In The Store

Store-made popsicles at Whole Foods
Mrs. HowChow had looked in the window of the new Columbia Whole Foods, so she knew that it was enormous when she told me that she only wanted one thing if I stopped on opening day.

House-made popsicles.

Whole Foods presses their own juices in the store on the Columbia lakefront.  Then they freeze them into 99-cent popsicles.  Little bundles of icy happiness.  Some adult flavors with kale and greens.  But most are sweet and fruity.  They're definitely worth checking out if you're still exploring the new Columbia store.

I'm still infatuated with the new Whole Foods.  I have gone the last two weekends and bought our food for the week.  I'm making a seasonal effort to cook whole grains, and the bulk section is a terrific way to try different stuff -- bulgar, quinoas, beans, etc.


Marcia said...

I am fascinated by the "homemade" pasta. Since I love gnocchi and my husband does NOT, I am thinking perhaps this is a way I can treat myself to it now and again. And get him ravioli or something.

I will be honest, I think some of the premade items at Wegmans are tastier (the guacamole for sure) but Whole Foods is definitely a great addition to the food scene here.

Marcia said...

Forgot to add. When I've been to Whole Foods in other parts of the country, I've seen many locally made items scattered around the store. Aside from the popsicles, has anyone seen any local items in our Whole Foods?