Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Victoria Gastropub Family Plans A Restaurant For Clarksville, No Timing, Says Her Mind Mag

The Marriner family that owns Victoria Gastropub has plans to open a restaurant in Clarksville -- including a name (FoodPlenty), but no timing, reports Carol Sorgen in Her Mind magazine.

No huge details in the article, which is a nice profile of the family and their plans for a brewery.  But Victoria is such a Howard County mainstay -- Mrs. HowChow ate with friends there on Sunday -- that another restaurant seems like news.

Who knows more?  Where?  When?  What is the plan for FoodPlenty?  Hat tip to Cindy, who spotted the article and posted on the HowChow Facebook page.

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The Unmanly Chef said...

I think this is great, more awesome restaurants are needed. These folks know how to do good food.