Thursday, September 18, 2014

German Revival: Beer & Wurst From Blob's Park Taking Over Gunning's Space In Hanover

I'm behind the times here, but the former owners of Blob's Park in Jessup have reopened as the Bavarian Brauhaus in Hanover, taking over the space that had been Gunning's.

This is a German restaurant, and its Facebook page says that it is open for business.  Steve gave me a heads up in early September.  I'm just getting my in-box under control.  Richard Gorelick had written in June about the plans.

In that article, owner Max Eggerl had said there wouldn't be space for the polka dancing that had been a major part of the Blob's Park experience.  But the menu on their Web site looks like a broad selection of German and American food from sausages to schnitzels to a crab cake.

(Update: Headline fixed from "Blog's Park" to "Blob's Park."  You can see where the blogger's mind lies.)

Has anyone eaten at the Bavarian Brauhaus? How is the food?  How is the beer selection?  Thanks again to Steve for the tip.

Bavarian Brauhaus
7304 Parkway Drive South
Hanover, MD 21076

NEAR:  This is right on the Howard County line.  It's basically Rte 103 just off Coca Cola Drive.  You can take the Coca Cola Drive exit south from Route 100, then turn left on Rte 103.  It's near Timbuktu. If I read Google Maps correctly, the Bavarian Brauhaus is just in Anne Arundel County, but it's the part that I claim.


Lisa said...

I had lunch here last week. Had the wurst plate with German potato salad on one plate and red cabbage on the other. My only complaint was with the roll that came with the sausage - it seemed a little stale to me. Our server told us that they have a brioche roll as an option instead. I'll try that next time, and I will definitely be going back.

kam said...

Blog's Park? ;)

HowChow said...

@kam -- Thanks. I just fixed the headline. You can see what words I type most often.

The Unmanly Chef said...

Will have to try, went to Blob's park near the end and it was sort of depressing and mediocre. My loyalties lie with Old Stein Inn in Edgewater. It's by far the best German place in MD. Pretty authentic outside of the red cabbage. Worth the hike, and a great outdoor seating area.

anthonydpaul said...

I'm willing to give it a try, but the Yelp reviews are terrible and just looking at the menu I can say there isn't much German food on there. Chicken noodle soup? Shrimp cocktail? Curly fries? Seems like they took the Double T menu and just put umlauts on it.

Marcia said...

I had lunch there and thought it was quite good. Nothing fancy, wurst sandwich (yes, that roll needs replacing) and warm sauerkraut which I loved. Another person had the Wiener Schnitzel sandwich and declared it excellent.

Beer selection is good, 3 beers from the Hofbrauhause.

The staff that we interacted with were very friendly and efficient.

Remember it's supposed to be a German place, not upscale, from the people who ran Blob's Park. If you ever went to Blob's you know what the menu was - wurst & sides. Stick with those things and you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

anthonydpaul: FWIW, I've all but given up on Yelp reviews for restaurants. They almost always seem to go against my thoughts on them.

Anonymous said...

Blob's Park was a hit with people who liked to sit and drink lots and lots of beer--something they could have done much cheaper at home. The food was meh, the place smelled old and musty. No desire to see what they did with the Gunnings space.

kevlar51 said...

Ditto to The Unmanly Chef's Old Stein Inn recommendation. Amazing food and beer.

Blob's was OK, but by the time I'd gone I had already been spoiled by Old Stein Inn.

Joannie said...

Went for beer & a snack recently. The only German beer choices are 3variations of Hoffbrau. Meunster cheese spread was tasty but small. German potato salad was ood, served warm & contained bacon. Decor is rather austere. Over all impression is it's "alright." Old Stein Inn is a much better experience.

Anonymous said...

The Hoffbrau beers aren't the only German beer choices, but they are the only German beers on tap. There are other German beers in bottles.