Sunday, September 7, 2014

Here Come Brews #2 And #3, Updates The Sun

With Jailbreak Brewing in Laurel, Howard County got its first brewery this year.

Now Julekha Dash of the Sun has written an update on the two other groups looking to open competitors -- Black-Eyed Susan Brewing slated now to open this fall in Columbia and Manor Hill Brewing Company in Ellicott City in 2015.

I've visited Jailbreak, and this is a fun concept.  These breweries will sell most of their beer to restaurants and liquor stores, but they can run tasting rooms -- without kitchens -- where people can hang out and sample the beer.

Jailbreak pairs with food trucks who operate in the parking lot.  It's a fun scene, and I assume both of the new places will aim for something similar.

Check out Dash's article for Howard Magazine.  And also check out an April 2014 article by Sarah Meehan in the Baltimore Business Journal.  Both articles say Manor Hill will not have a retail scene like Jailbreak.  It says there may be private parties, but no tours because of traffic issues.

Please comment below with any advice about Jailbreak's beers or any other news about plans by Black-Eyed Susan or Manor Hill.  Manor Hill is run by the folks who own Victoria Gastro Pub, which makes me doubly interesting in how they'll mix food and drink even if it is just at the restaurant.


The Unmanly Chef said...

I went there for a happy hour. It's a novel idea. It has a good set up too.

Anonymous said...

Black Eyed Susan won't be open this fall. Their space on Berger Road is still empty as of a week ago. It has been months since they have made any updates to their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

HowChow said...

@Anon -- I had wondered about that. Other people had seen t he empty space and asked me whether Blacked Eyed Susan was still coming. If anyone knows the current status, feel free to add a comment.

Jim Gross said...

Wouldn't you call Ellicott Mills Brewing Company a brewery?

HowChow said...

@Jim -- They brew beer, but the county doesn't view them as a brewery. I think they're a "brew pub" and need to make most of their money from food. In contrast, a brewery doesn't serve food. It brews beer mostly for restaurants and retail stores.