Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Outdoor Patio Coming To Looney's?

Just in time for beautiful weather, Looney's in Fulton is asking to open its patio for alcohol service.

The issue comes up at a May 10, 2011 meeting of the county liquor board, according to an ad in Sunday's Sun.  At the same meeting, the board will consider the request for Kloby's Smokehouse to serve liquor in the space that it is expanding into off Johns Hopkins Road.

The patio at Looney's could be a nice spot.  You can watch traffic go past.  People get ice cream at the joint across the street.  It's a chance to create at least a shadow of the streetscape that the Maple Lawn developers could have created by investing in space where people might actually hang out.  Instead, they scattered and shoehorned outdoor seating at a few restaurants.

Good luck to Looney's and Kloby's on the expansions.  I just wish Looney's would get rid of the banners advertising discounted beer.


Jen said...

Union Jack's is expanding their patio, too (per the public notices).

Zevonista said...

I believe the outdoor patio at Aida is now open as well.

Outdoor patios - I guess this means winter is truly over!

jessiex said...

Ages ago, 2005-2006ish, when I started to identify and track locally owned restaurants and their categories and amenities, "outdoor seating" is one of the amenities I tagged when I listed a restaurant.

With the awesomeness of HowChow and the rise of popular sites such as Yelp and UrbanSpoon, I've allowed hocoloco-girl a timely death. But the concept is one I'd like to see more of. More tracking. More tagging of content.

HowChow, perhaps you have this already. Perhaps it's not your thing. Perhaps it is. Have you any inventory of restaurants in the hoco with outdoor/patio seating?

HowChow said...

@JessieX -- I have stayed away from lists. Closer to work than a hobby. ;-) But I'd be happy to post a list if anyone wants to create one.