Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Links: Long Reach Safeway In Tales of Two Cities And Chopstixx Gets Lauded On SwimWriteRun

Wordbones analyzes the future of the Safeway in the Long Reach village center on Tales of Two Cities.  No specific news, but he sees heavy competition and predicts change at the Columbia center.

Mo writes about Choptixx in Elkridge on SwimWriteRun.  This Chinese restaurant is on my list of places to try -- especially for its "street meals" menu of Asian street cuisine.


rachel said...

Chopstixx is really good! You should definitely check it out if you're in the area. They have lots of flavors of boba, too :)

K8teebug said...

It makes me sad for the columbia art center this place might close. Such a wonderful resource in our little town. I'm afraid if it closes, the art center will get less traffic.

Wino_II said...

^^ Maybe if that dump they call a grocery store closes...they'll clean up that dump they call a shopping center and then more people will discover that the art center actually exists and it may then get more traffic.

Dianne said...

I have lived two blocks from the Long Reach Safeway for ten years and have seen it go downhill ever since. Sad that a big corporation like that can't keep the right product mix available for their public. Not to mention the prices! I knew it was a bad omen when they cut their 'open hours' and seeing the notice that the pharmacy was closing was even worse. It was the beginning of the end for them.

Does the Colubmia Art Center really benefit from having them there? Not so sure. I might suggest it is the other way around.

Will be sad if it does close as it was always a close spot for something I needed right away or something I forgot on my main shopping trip. But I could never afford to use them as my main shopping location.

Dianne said...

I might add that when my fiance went up there last night around 7 PM to pick up a few things, he was literally accosted by three young men who asked him for one dollar each as he left the store. A sizeable man, he shooed them away easily but it makes me wonder what would happen in some another case.

The management company or the stores there need to get together and provide some VISIBLE security.

Anonymous said...

I've never had any problem with the people at the say(and I usually go around 9-930) but their selection is AWFUL. I needed ground beef the other night and everything they had was going gray.

I live off of Tamar, but I'll drive to Harris Teeter if I have the the time.