Friday, April 8, 2011

Comments About Authentic Japanese, Road Trips, A New Indian Option And More

Smelts! Almost as many as comments
I never get enough comments.  They're a terrific part of HowChow -- full of information and fun.  I know you can't read all the old posts, so I try to capture some regularly in a sampling package.

A whole bunch of people talked about the Fuji restaurant in Ellicott City.  There was a short debate about the value of "authentic" Japanese food.  Then some people about the food.  Anonymous had a bad experience, then Wonderful had a terrific night.  Earlier, Kim D and Dzoey had recommended their meals.

Another group commented about Belvedere Square.  I pitched the idea of a roadtrip.  They jumped in with other suggestions about soups, bagels, pizza, bread and more that you can pick up.

Avram earned his title as the official Moonlight Cafe correspondent of the HowChow blog.  He discovered the new menu and the change to an Indian place called Tandoor Grill, and he provided a series of comments about the new cuisine.

While that is coming, does anyone know where the new Moby Dick is coming?  Anonymous asked, and Moby Dick still advertises a new Columbia spot on its Web site.  Where?  When?

And there is more:

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