Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kupcakes, Favorites at Johnny's And Comments About New Cajun, New Crepes, And More

Cupcakes from Kupcakes & Co.
There are still so many places that I haven't eaten!!

RDAdoc continues her run with quick reports on Cacao Lane in Ellicott City and Kupcakes & Co. in Elkridge.  She ended up with black bean tacos at Cacao Lane after she found her first choice closed on Mondays.  Good fresh ingredients with beans, Monterey jack, salsa, avocado and sliced red cabbage.  She thought the cabbage was a nice touch.

After that, RDAdoc bought cupcakes for a party, and she talked up Kupcakes & Co., which sells a bunch of sweets on top of cake.  She even compared them to Georgetown Cupcakes, which is pretty esteemed here in the HowChow house:
The assortment of flavors are great from simple chocolate and vanilla to more interesting and sophisticated flavors that are similar to Georgetown cupcakes including salted caramel, root beer float and key lime.   A daily calendar of  flavors is posted on line.  They even offer gluten free cupcakes which I heard from a friend are great.  They are served with an excessive amount of frosting but I just took some of it off.
Cronut from Weiss
Other folks are reporting about all kinds of new places.  Kevlar51, Marcia, and others have tried the bahn mi at Phubs in Hanover -- and even reported on a new banh mi shop that seems to be opening.  Kevlar 51 also reported that David Welch's barbecue stand has moved around the corner onto Corridor Road because of MARC construction at the Savage station.

CrunchDaddy seconded Jeff about Lima's Chicken, a new Peruvian place near Fort Meade.  It is just east of Howard County on Rte 175.
I went to Odenton tonight for my weekly fix at Grace Garden... and they're closed on Sundays! Yikes! What to do? Everything happens for a reason... so where am I gonna eat now? Oh yeah, that chicken place up the road! 
I got a half-chicken and two sides... perfectly fried plantains... and almost went with the black beans when I saw that they make a Peruvian fried rice, so I went with that... Yummo!! It's nearly Asian in taste, with egg, onions and diced chicken... but well done.
Adam even emailed me about a local spotting of cronuts.  They were a New York city fad a while ago. now, they're available at Weis.  "Really good, even if I have nothing to compare them too.  Worth the what, 600 or 700 calories, I guesss?"

Tacos at Cacao Lane
And there are more great comments on other HowChow posts:
And finally, there is Korshi: Kate, Mark and others have reported on the new Korshi buffet that has opened on Snowden River Parkway in Columbia.  It's an all-you-can-eat joint with sushi, Asian foods and more.  DozyCat tweeted some photos below, and Kyle emailed me after two lunches:
I've been there twice for lunch and I liked it.  Not everything works but with a huge variety of dishes there's enough to like. It mostly Korean inspired food split between hot and cold dishes with sushi in between. The candied bacon wrapped rice cake was unique to me. 
The sushi is colorful, plentiful and fresh. Certainly not up to the quality of the stand alone sushi joints but it's acceptable. The jalapeƱo topped spicy roll is worth trying just for the super heat level. We now have easily accessible Korean buffet food in columbia.


Alison said...

Kupcakes and Co. have the best cupcakes I've tried in the MD and DC areas, and I've tried a lot! I think they're better than Georgetown Cupcake, actually. Cheaper too! Also, for frosting lovers, their cupcakes have just the right amount of frosting. Not excessive at all!

Trip Klaus said...

Tahnks to omars for the update on Tere's haven't visited since the change can't wait to go back and retry their chicharonnes and wonderful tacos.

DanaB said...

Try cupcakes as a "cupcake sandwich" and you will never feel like you have too much frosting again! (Tear off the bottom of the cupcake and put it on top.)

Anonymous said...

Frisco is opening a second location, definitely not moving from their location on Dobbin Road. Bartender Doug told me a while back that they were aiming for a July opening but they have pushed it back a little while. And while I can't remember exactly I believe he said it's going to be near 108 in Clarksville. Will update the next time I stop in (which is no doubt going to be in the next few days!)

Adam said...

I think Waffee closed and is either rebranding as a Korean cafe/barkery, or is becoming one. New sign up front.

Route 40 west is really getting a huge makeover. The Sonic is coming along pretty quickly, and they are totally rebuilding the old and crappy McDonald's next to the Canopy.

Trip Klaus said...

Frisco is actually opening a new place in Crofton in the Waugh Chapel area. Have no idea where the Clarksville location came from.

Jim Poland said...

I did try the lunch buffet at Maiwand last week. It included salad, tandoori bread, samosas, chickpeas, spinach, chicken kabobs, two types of rice, and two other traditional Indian dishes that I can't remember. It was good but it's hard to beat Royal Taj for a lunch buffet.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Trip! I had my areas all mixed up when talking about the second Frisco location. Thank you for the clarification.