Monday, July 7, 2014

Brewery Updates: Jailbreak Is Great Fun; Anyone Know More About Manor Hill Or Black-Eyed Susan

Jailbreak's tasting glasses -- four on a key-shaped plate
I need some beer-loving folks to report on the new breweries opening in Howard County.

Jailbreak Brewery in Laurel has kicked into business with both retail and bar sales.  Those bar sales are going to 40+ places like White Oak Tavern, where you can often find Jailbreak on tap.  Although it is the retail tap room just off U.S. 1 that seems like a new opportunity.

The front part of the brewery is set up like a modern bar.  A bar, long tables, huge televisions.  You can try all kinds of Jailbreak brews, including sometimes experimental ones that haven't made it yet into kegs.  You can eat from food trucks that they've recruited to work the parking lot.  You can even hear music many weeks.

Jailbreak is pushing a niche of culinary beers.  Chocolate and coffee in a stout.  Basil in a wheat beer.  JalapeƱos and cilantro in an IPA.  Generally, I skip flavored beers because I came of age in the wretched Cranberry Lambic Era of microbrews.  But Jailbreak's beers are smart and delicious.  Hints of unique flavors if you're looking, but just good flavor if you just want to drink a beer.

George Berkheimer from the Business Monthly touted that Basil Wit -- saying that there was huge basil nose and flavor at the start, but it mellowed a bit in the growler.  He recommends it with pizza.

I went to a Jailbreak's opening with a beer-loving friend Satellite Dann, but I haven't had a chance to go back for regular business.  What have you thought if you tried Jailbreak beers on site or on tap?  How is the scene in the tap room?  What food trucks are they getting?

At least two more people have talked about opening breweries.  Manor Hill Brewing will open in on a farm in Ellicott City.  These are the same folks who created Victoria Gastro Pub, a terrific place for both beer and food.  Black-Eyed Susan Brewing had talked about opening in Columbia.  After initial articles over the winter, I hadn't heard anything since spring.

Anyone know the story about either?  Manor Hill has an active Twitter feed, and I eagerly await details.  Black-Eyed Susan hasn't updated its Facebook page since April, and some folks had left comments saying that their Berger Road space is empty.  I need to drive past when I'm in the area.


Matt said...

Where is Jailbreak in Laurel?

HowChow said...

Their Web site has the details. They're on U.S. 1 near the Carmax.

Katie said...

Love Jailbreak! They typically post what Food Trucks they'll have for the week on their Facebook page. I've gone a few times and there was Upslidedown Dave and T&J Waffles. You can also bring your own food in. When we went for the first time we took the brewery tour which cost us $10 and we got to sample any four beers on tap. In addition to that, while on the tour you get to try some beers they are potentially going to brew in larger batches. They are very generous with their pours... The place has really cool restrooms and the staff encourage you to check them out.

Jill said...

We went to watch a World Cup game a few weeks ago. A little hard to find, but lots of fun! The taproom has a great look to it, and it was plenty crowded. I like the Big Punisher (double IPA), but can only drink so much of it. Their glassware is great, too--if we didn't have so much from the Ram's Head Tavern's beer releases, we might want to buy some! I'm trying to remember what my husband had. I tasted the basil wit but it reminded me too much of pesto. I was sad they didn't have their kolsch on tap because that's one of my favorite beer styles.

robertus said...

Jill's husband here. I had the Stout (Into the Dark or something like that - don't see it listed on the web site). Tried the cherry porter (Kavorka) and basil wit, both of which were solid, but not something I'd want a lot of.