Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pisco And Ceviche Coming By Mid-July To Elkridge

Pisco coming to Elkridge off Rte 175
Get ready for Peruvian fish and liquor at the new Pisco restaurant opening in weeks off Rte 175 in Elkridge.

The former home of Mama Lucia is still under construction, but talk at the site Monday was that it will open in the first half of July.  Maybe first week.  Maybe second week.

Tile floors were in.  You could see the outline of the kitchen and a large square bar in the entrance where chefs will make ceviche.  I respect the amount of work that goes into creating a restaurant, so I'll be cool if work goes deeper into the summer.  But the talk was definitely early July when Mrs. HowChow asked yesterday.

People started to mention Pisco last December.  This appears to be a new place from the folks who own Facci.  That's a good sign.  We love ceviche, and I think people will love pisco sours.  If Pisco does Peruvian like Facci does Italian, then this could be some terrific fun.

Pisco Restaurant -- coming in July 2014??
6630 Marie Curie Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075

NEAR:  This is the shopping center with Trader Joe's and Perfect Pour at the intersection of Rte 175 and Rte 108.  The center backs onto Rte 108 and faces the Costco.  In some ways, this area is really Columbia, but I'm going with the post here.  The former Mamma Lucia was on the end away from Trader Joe's.

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K8teebug said...

Love pisco sours if they're made properly! Excited for this place to open!