Saturday, June 14, 2014

Best Seat In The House: Chocolate Cookies, Sunset And A View Of The Columbia Lakefront

The best seat in the house
That's the best seat in the house.

Sunset.  Two chocolate cookies from Le Comptoir, the new dessert and sandwich counter next to Petit Louis.  And a view out onto the Columbia lakefront.

I can't recommend enough a night on the outdoor seats at Le Comptoir.  For a few dollars, you can enjoy an idyllic view and a delicious dessert.  Pair with a walk on the lake.  Go after dinner at Sushi Sono or before a drink at one of the bars.  You might almost be in a pedestrian spot, and in a few months . . . . Whole Foods just down the lake.

Go have fun this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! Tonight!