Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Take A Tour Of The New Turf Valley

The new Turf Valley development is bringing an impressive group of second restaurants to western Ellicott City -- a second Facci, a second Xitomate, a second Mimi's Kabob, etc.

I posted about some of the restaurants, but AnnieRie has a post with photos.  She has been liking the new Harris Teeter.  She is watching construction of the restaurants.


Annie Rie said...

Hi Howchow, thanks for the link. I wish I could have gotten more pics from closer, but there were lots of workers carrying things in and out, front and back.

If I get to the landfill this week again, I hope to see how close to opening they are.

On Saturday, there were workers in both Petite Cellars and Facci.

Xitomate and Grille 620 didn't seem to have any outside activity on the weekend.

The PetValu store is open. The Subway is open. Smyth Jewelers, a martial arts place, and a few more small specialty stores are also open.

It is coming together, which is good. Harris Teeter used to be pretty empty even on weekends, when nothing else was open yet.


Trip Klaus said...

Stopped by today and saw that Facci is interviewing on Monday for FOH.

Adam said...

Opening today, Sept. 19th