Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Is How You Can Help The Ravens Win: Blackberry-Chipotle Wings At Town Grill

Blackberry-chipotle wings -- Guaranteed lucky for the Ravens
Put aside your crazy superstitions and put your belly forward to help the Ravens beat the Broncos next weekend.

Fill your belly with purple chicken wings.

That's the new blackberry-chipotle wings at the Town Grill in Lisbon.  I haven't had them, but I have guaranteed scientifically with Howard from the Town Grill that each order of these purple wings increases the chance of a Ravens win.  They're making the sauce in-house.  Howard says it's fruity and spicy, but not that hot.

The Town Grill is a great casual barbecue spot.  Check out all the prior posts about Town Grill.  Pile into the car for dinner this week.  I always recommend picking up some smoked fish to bring home and break into pasta sauce and other recipes.

(Update:  THIS WORKED in Denver!  Howard and I guarantee victory over the Patriots if you eat enough of these wings.)

(Update II: This really worked.  Can the Super Bowl win be credited to anything other than the Town Grill's wings?)

Does anyone else have specials or deals to celebrate the Ravens this week?  More purple food?

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