Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pit Beef At Smokin' Hot In Glenwood

Pit beef sandwich at Smokin' Hot
Is there a better reason to hit than the road than pit beef?

Smokin' Hot in Glenwood is a casual bar and restaurant.  They clearly pack the place with music and crowds during drinking hours, but they have a nice menu with barbecue for lunch and dinner.

My first hit -- the pit beef piled high and served with Smokin' Hot's nine-pack of house-made hot sauce.  This isn't just "mild, medium, hot."  Smokin' Hot offers a real range of flavors -- from a mild mayo-base to vinegar barbecue to really smokey and spicy.

I broke down my sandwich and forked smoked meat into sauces that I had spread on my platter.  This is excellent meat.  Full of flavor, but still juicy and tender.  I'd love to hold a taste-test, but for now, I'll hold it against my favorite at Pioneer Pit Beef.  The choice of sauces isn't Baltimore traditional, but the meat is good enough to make its own way.

Keep Smokin' Hot in mind for when the weather warms.  The strawberries will ripen at Larriland Farm sooner than you expect, and Smokin' Hot make a perfect lunch stop.  People vouch for all the barbecue, and I want to try the ribs.

Smokin' Hot
2465 Route 97
Glenwood, MD 21738
(410) 489-6001

NEAR:  Smokin' Hot is in a shopping center on Rte 97.  It's just south of U.S. 70, which makes it an easy place to hit on the way back from Larriland.  From eastern Howard County, it's probably best to take Rte 32 or Rte 144 and then work over the Rte 97.

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MarkM said...

The food here is excellent and the owner is a local guy. The sauces are amazing, too!

Adam said...

You have to get the pit club with all the meats. Basically amazing.

Penny said...

I am going to have to check this out next. I am a fan of the BBQ House (I think that's what its called) on 1 South, just on the north edge of Laurel. I'm not sure if that is in Howard County, or right outside of it.

The ribs at the BBQ house aren't quite as good as at Klobys, but I am a sucker for a carolilna-style pulled pork sandwich, and the BBQ house's pulled pork sandwich is heaven. The sauce is kept separate, so you can dress it how you want.

dzoey said...

I tried the pit beef last night with mac + cheese and potato salad as sides and a special salad as the appetizer. All were delicious, with the Alabama White sauce (horse raddish mayo) working beautifully with the beef.
It's a bit of a drive from Columbia, but if you're in west county, it's worth stopping in.
Next time I want to try the onion soup, the Texas eggrolls, and the chicken.